Sitemap - 2021 - Grace Upon Grace

Rejoicing in and grieving over the church.

Reflections on “The Rise & Fall of Mars Hill” podcast.

The Peacemaker (Luke 2)

On how the Christmas story rewrites our own.

How the Christmas Story Rewrites Our Own (Luke 2)

He is born, the Christ of God!

The living God lies in a manger.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

What occasioned Christ’s descent?

An embryonic evangel.

Be It Unto Me According to Thy Word (Luke 1)

Glorious things of thee are spoken.

Christ Our Joy, Part 14 (Philippians 4)

An Embryonic Evangel (Luke 1)

The uncompromising God.

The death of the author — and the preacher.

God is in control.

Those Things (Luke 1)

How the Father is made known to us.

10 quotes from Horatius Bonar’s “The Everlasting Righteousness.”

Christ Our Joy, Part 13 (Philippians 3)

Nothing But the Blood (Genesis 4, Hebrews 12)

The gospel according to Naboth.

Thankful for Thanksgiving.

What the good news tells us.

Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, and Jesus (2 Kings 3)

The boundless authority of the Heavenly Father.

Christ Our Joy, Part 12 (Philippians 3)

A Tale of Two Cities (2 Kings 2)

The mystery of faith.

It was finished at the ascension.

The peace of God is ours.

Christ Our Joy, Part 11 (Philippians 2)

The Marks of a True Disciple (2 Kings 2)

God’s sovereign call to surrender.

God’s enterprise of humility.

Here we stand.

Here We Stand (Romans 1)

The grace of falling up the stairs.

Halloween has been harrowed.

Righteousness made possible.

10 Quotes from Horatius Bonar’s “The Night of Weeping.”

The God of No Compromises (1 Kings 22, 2 Kings 1)

Free indeed.

The way to preach unfailingly.

Preaching needs faces.

God Is in Control (1 Kings 22)

A visit with the transfigured voice.

A high view of preaching the Word.

The gospel is simple.

Christ Our Joy, Part 10 (Philippians 2)

The True and Better Naboth (1 Kings 21)

In the competition of religion, there is no contest.

Some personal updates and some thoughts on God’s incarnation.

Growth that’s “deeper” than discipline.

Christ Our Joy, Part 9 (Philippians 2)

The mountainous gospel of God.

The Boundless Authority of the Heavenly Father (1 Kings 20)

10 more quotes from C. H. Spurgeon’s “The Saint and his Saviour.”

Quality or quantity?

Christ Our Joy, Part 8 (Philippians 2)

Answering the Call of God (1 Kings 19)

On Dane Ortlund’s “Gentle and Lowly.”

I’m writing a book.

What God did for you.

Redeeming the time with Pastor Mike Gray.

Never tell me the odds.

How sinners grow.

What it means to have faith the size of a mustard seed.

I’m not who I want to be.

A much needed rest and holding fast to faith when it doesn’t make sense.

This Thing Is From Me (1 Kings 12)

The rock of truth in the storm of fake news.

The difficulty of judging truth.

Never forget.

The personal director of our faith.

Let Freedom Ring (John 8)

A kingdom of sheathed swords and severed ears.

On David Murray’s “Reset.”

An assortment of biblical encouragement.

Falling Up the Stairs to Heaven (Genesis 3)

The Transfigured Voice (1 Kings 18, 19)

A lamp in a dark world.

Co-opting the busyness of Baal in our church.

Preach as though you were dying.

Sensationalizing the present means we’ve turned a blind eye to the past.

The Contest at Carmel (1 Kings 18)

Lessons in comfort from the Word.

What God Did for You (Mark 10)

Cautiously eating crow while watching “The Chosen.”

How to get ready for Sunday before Sunday.

The counter-movement of God.

The Gospel of the Mountains (Exodus 19)

The malaise of manufactured religion.

On him almighty vengeance fell.

Thoughts on “The Chosen,” the only Word that matters, and the God who gets in the water with us.

A call for ecclesiastical unity.

Come to the waters of repentance.

What Faith Looks Like in Times of Crisis (1 Kings 18)

Don’t quit, preacher.

Grace for the now.

The God of our deepest need, the essence of humility, and the beautiful predictability of the ordinary means of grace.

Hope in and for the last days.

Christ Our Joy, Part 7 (Philippians 2)

The God of Your Deepest Need (1 Kings 17)

The God who digs downward to deliver us.

The seriousness of sin and our cosmic salvation.

Calling out the church’s gross self-interest.

On David M. King’s “Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved.”

Christ Our Joy, Part 6 (Philippians 1)

Never Tell Me the Odds (1 Kings 16, 17)

The gospel of a fulfilled law.

The God who’s always present.

On rest and resiliency in pastoral ministry with Josh Hedger.

On Dale Ralph Davis’s “The Word Became Fresh.”

Christ Our Joy, Part 5 (Philippians 1)

The religion of the sacred cow.

The Man on the middle cross said I could come.

The ongoing scandal of the cross.

On the “deep magic” of a God who confounds sense and challenges faith.

Only Evil Continually (1 Kings 15, 16)

Stand Steadfast in Faith (2 Kings 5)

The transfiguration of the cross and the renunciation of glory.

The burden of preaching.

The difference between law and gospel.

In pretense or in truth.

Now I lay me down to sleep…

A Beam of Light in a World of Darkness (1 Kings 14, 15)

7 reasons to not leave your church and other church membership wisdom with Pastor Mike Gray.

Christ is Christianity.

Christ Our Joy, Part 4 (Philippians 1)

A Legacy of Disaster (1 Kings 14)

It’s all part of the plan.

The deeper magic of opportune obstacles.

The world needs our Puritanism.

Come to the Water You Weak and Weary (Isaiah 55)

The offense of going after other gods.

The person at the center of our faith.

Christ Our Joy, Part 3 (Philippians 1)

A king greater than Solomon and a place better than the Temple.

Trapped “Inside” with Bo Burnham.

10 quotes from Robert Capon’s “The Foolishness of Preaching.”

Answering the universal inquiry of humanity.

Jesus’s incendiary sermon and the need for pastor-theologians.

Recovering a view of God’s holy redemption.

The Gospel of Fulfillment (Matthew 5)

On ministry transition in the middle of a pandemic and making sense of the atonement with Obbie Tyler Todd.

On Obbie Tyler Todd’s “The Moral Governmental Theory of Atonement.”

Christ Our Joy, Part 2 (Philippians 1)

Overcoming by resting.

Mishandling the Word of the Lord (1 Kings 13)

The gospel is an unsinkable ship.

On Jason K. Allen’s “Succeeding at Seminary.”

Christ Our Joy, Part 1 (Philippians 1, Acts 16)

The Religion of the Sacred Cow (1 Kings 12)

Saving the world while losing your soul.

Camouflaged sovereignty and concern for God’s Word.

On Justin Bieber and the grace of Jesus.

An unexhausted wealth of kindness.

How Christians grow.

This Thing Is From Me (1 Kings 12)

Jesus is the better everything.

What It Means to Grow (Ephesians 4)

Remembering Our Holy Redemption (Ezekiel 36)

The receiver of wrecks.

The whole of God revealed in redemption.

The indefinable energy of grace.

Opening a can of worms and continuing the legacy of the best Bible study ever.

Patiently Awaiting the Day of the Lord (2 Peter 3)

I Lay Me Down to Sleep (Psalm 4)

Crawling into Abba’s arms.

Christianity is not a Lego set.

A hymn for poor and wretched sinners (so, everyone).

Preaching that lasts and pastoring for the long-run.

The Governor of All History and the God of All Grace (1 Kings 11)

Who can erase diamond-point sins?

Stability and steadfastness in an unstable world.

Cleaning up a poorly told joke.

The Dogs That Bite at the Heels of Truth (2 Peter 2)

Lessons from Solomon’s Fall (1 Kings 9, 10, 11)

God’s résumé of faithfulness.

Opening ourselves up to the infinite.

Keeping the resurrection in view.

He Is Risen Indeed (1 Corinthians 15)

What to do when life goes to pieces.

Rejoicing in the fact of the resurrection.

Gazing upon the blood of Good Friday.

The Burden of Prophecy (2 Peter 1)

The Gospel of the Temple (1 Kings 8)

I’m not sure where this is going.

The burden of prophecy.

The Promises of the King (1 Kings 5, 6, 7)

Finding meaning in the boxing ring of life.

A vacation worth remembering.

One greater than Solomon.

On Luther, Limbaugh, and the league of the guilty.

Our Perfectly Wise King (1 Kings 3)

The All-Encompassing Effects of Grace (2 Peter 1)

The Psalms as anthems of God’s reign.

Sanctification can make or break your faith.

Exploring and enjoying the gospel.

The King of Your Heart (1 Kings 1, 2)

The frustrating wisdom of Job and Ecclesiastes.

On Christoph Barth’s “God With Us.”

Carving out some space for family and grace.

On the settled Christian life with Jon Moffitt and Justin Perdue.

The life and death wisdom of Proverbs.

Alexander Maclaren’s rolling in his grave.

How Firm a Foundation (2 Peter 1)

When Faith Is Obstructed (Numbers 11)

Thinking out loud about when a ministry leader falls.

Can Tolkien help us interpret Scripture?

10 quotes from Brennan Manning’s “The Ragamuffin Gospel.”

Standing in Grace (1 Peter 5)

Who Can Erase Diamond-Point Sins? (Jeremiah 17)

The prevailing necessity of the pulpit.

The comforting gospel of God’s substitution, Jesus as the hero, and the end of scorekeeping.

Childlike prayers.

The house that who built?

The Gospel of Comfort (2 Corinthians 1)

Jonah’s lesson of divine forbearance and forgiveness.

The solid rock truth of Christ crucified.

The promise with no fine print.

Doing the unnoticed things.

A Rock of Truth in a Storm of Falsehood (Psalm 62)

The grace of white-out.

Putting on Jesus’s best.

The tremendous energy of love.

A Life Worth Living (Luke 14)

Here Am I (1 Samuel 3)

On Dr. Jason Allen’s “Letters on Preaching.”

The crossroads of life’s calamities.

Mercy for the desperate, the story of Scripture, and gorging on the Bible.

10 quotes from C. H. Spurgeon’s “The Saint and his Saviour.”

Shepherding the Truth (1 Peter 5)

The Man of Sorrows (Hebrews 4)

Pits and pedestals.

Wrestling with God, poise for the end times, and amplifying brotherly love.

Finding faith in fragility.

Stewards of Grace in the End Times (1 Peter 4)

The Wrestler (Genesis 32)

The path from holiness to truth.

Giving a drink to a corpse.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

The essentialness of church, childlike Bible reading, and Pixar’s ‘Soul.’

10 quotes from C. S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity.”

Hear These Words (Acts 2)

The pain of the past year, the hope of the New Year, and God’s boundless goodness.