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Jesus’s incendiary sermon and the need for pastor-theologians.

Jesus’s incendiary sermon and the need for pastor-theologians.

Ministry Minded, Episode 105.

In this episode of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I consider (again) Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and I also highlight some recent articles from around the web that articulate the growing need for “pastor theologians.” It is my aim to encourage the listener that theology isn’t meant to be sequestered in the halls of scholastic thought — it’s meant to be richly rejoiced in, lived, and loved by one and all, in all walks of life.


On ministry transition in the middle of a pandemic and making sense of the atonement with Obbie Tyler Todd,” podcast from yours truly

Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation

Pastor-Theologians,” Tom Ascol

The Challenges and Possibilities (and Continuing Need) for the Pastor-Theologian,” Gerald Hiestand

Gerhard Forde: A Recommendation,” John W. Hoyum

The Evangelistic Zeal of the Vaxxers,” Michael Pohlman

Christ and Calamity: Grace & Gratitude in the Darkest Valley, Harold Senkbeil

On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, 1518, Gerhard O. Forde

Your Old Testament Sermon Needs to Get Saved: A Handbook for Preaching Christ from the Old Testament, David M. King

Daily Grace: The Mockingbird Devotional, Vol. 2

Grace: So Much More Than You Know & So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray


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