I’m writing a book.

I am thrilled to announce that I have signed my first book contract with 1517 Publishing! I am so excited for the upcoming process of developing this manuscript into finished published book. The story I endeavor to tell is a deeply personal one, revisiting the journey of faith I’ve been on since the summer of 2018, when “my life got flipped turned upside down” (to imbibe the words of a particularly fresh prince). It is my prayer that through the course of this book, you be will reminded, or perhaps introduced, to the God who’s found in the darkness.

To some, this might not seem like such a big deal. In the evangelical world — and especially the evangelical publishing world — books are seemingly green-lit all the time. There are shelves upon shelves of books released everyday. I mean, Jared C. Wilson seemingly writes a book every week! Walking into a bookstore is a stark reminder that we aren’t at a loss for words being spilled upon the printed page. But as a journeyman, if you will, in the world of Christian publishing, this book is essentially the culmination of almost a decade spent writing and working and writing some more.

I can’t tell you how many late nights and early mornings I’ve spent working on blogs, crafting essays, wringing all the words I could out of nearly every minute of free-time I had. As theology and ministry increasingly enveloped my life, I started to write simply as a way to think publicly about all the truths and convictions which were rattling around in my head. The more I wrote, the more the process of writing became deeply absorbing, affording me the opportunity to read, research, study, and articulate my faith in rich, cathartic ways. I’ve resorted to writing during days of intense grief and stress, finding respite in the quest for well-crafted words.

In the intervening years since I began writing, a personal goal of mine has been to become a published author. Such is what this represents: a goal being achieved. I hope you’ll pray for me as I begin to situate and articulate the pieces of my story and my faith into coherent narratives. For while this book represents the fulfillment of a personal goal, its ultimate effectiveness rests on the Lord himself. May he alone be chiefly glorified and exalted by this endeavor.

Grace and peace.