Grace Upon Grace Publishing Co.

About the project.

Grace Upon Grace Publishing Co. is an endeavor to bring fresh eyes to a variety of lesser-known evangelical works of theological, pastoral, and ecclesiological literature. These meticulously edited volumes constitute a reservoir of priceless devotional material from which every sinner and saint can continually benefit. This project is all about breathing fresh life into old writings. May your faith be immensely blessed and enriched through your perusal of these works.

Available titles.

The following titles are listed alphabetically according to Author Name (Last, First), Title: Links. Thank you!


Beart, John, The Sinners Justifying Righteousness: A Vindication of the Eternal Law and Everlasting Gospel (coming soon)

Bonar, Horatius, The Christ of GodPurchase a Copy

Bonar, Horatius, God’s Way of Peace: A Book for the AnxiousPurchase a Copy

Bonar, Horatius, The Grace, the Service, and the KingdomPurchase a Copy

Bonar, Horatius, How Shall I Go to God: And Other ReadingsPurchase a Copy

Bonar, Horatius, Man: His Religion and His WorldPurchase a Copy

Bonar, Horatius, The Story of GracePurchase a Copy

Booth, Abraham, Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners: The Genuine Gospel a Complete Warrant for the Ungodly to Believe in Jesus (coming soon)


Paleario, Aonio, The Benefit of Christ’s Death (coming soon)


Romaine, William, A Full Christ for Empty SinnersPurchase a Copy


Stowell, Hugh, The Grace of the Gospel: And How Popery Mars ItPurchase a Copy


Ussher, James, Immanuel: The Mystery of the IncarnationPurchase a Copy


Winslow, Octavius, Consider Jesus: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Sacrifice, and Suffering (coming soon)

Winslow, Octavius, Thus Saith the Lord: Words of Divine LovePurchase a Copy