Hello, my name is Brad Gray.

I am a Christian husband and father adamantly resolved to sharing the gospel of “grace upon grace” for the weary and the worn out. It is my sincerest desire to live and minister “for the sake of the Name” (3 John 1:7). So long as Christ is exalted, that is enough. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15).

I currently serve as the Senior Pastor of Stonington Baptist Church in Paxinos, Pennsylvania, where I live with my wife Natalie, daughter Lydia, son Braxton, and newborn daughter Bailey. I am currently pursuing an M.Div. from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Besides all that, I spend most of my time reading and writing, the result of which is this little corner of the Internet, where I endeavor to talk theology, doctrine, grace, and life, and how each of those topics intersect on a daily basis. I do that through writing frequent articles, linking sermons, and releasing occasional podcasts. I pray you will join me in this endeavor to proclaim and propagate the eternal truths of God’s gospel of grace upon grace. “Indeed, we have all received grace upon grace from his fullness” (John 1:16). Thanks for stopping by!


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Books and resources.

I have been privileged to author and/or contribute to some published works recently. Feel free to check those out at the link below. Also listed there are some re-published works I have spent a copious amount of time re-editing for the modern reader. May you be blessed by these authorial endeavors!


The Ministry Minded Podcast.

The Ministry Minded Podcast is a show that seeks to marvel at the mercy of God that meets us in our messy ministries. It’s a show full of interviews, stories, and reflections on God’s amazing grace in the often messy and chaotic life known as “the ministry.” Growing up a pastor’s kid, you see and hear and learn things about the ministry that many others don’t get the privilege of seeing and hearing and learning. The fact is, ministry is a lot messier than people think or like to admit. It’s not always clean and tidy and nice. Oftentimes, it’s a bit dirty and grungy. It is, after all, broken people helping other broken people cope with their brokenness and guiding them to see the Lover of the broken.

With this in mind, Ministry Minded is here to have frank discussions about the ministry for those already in it, those thinking about it, or even for those that haven’t thought about it yet. Through these candid interviews and conversations, I endeavor to dive into the unsung intricacies of everyday ministry and point to the Savior who meets us there, in our mess. Through this medium, I hope to delve into the intricacies of everyday ministry. Not the flashy parts that attract people but the messy parts that may, perhaps, scare people. My hope and prayer is that this will give you an honest look at God’s matchless grace which meets us even in our messy ministries.

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Movies and entertainment podcast.

If you’re interested, I also host a regular podcast with my sister called Cinema Siblings in which we chat and share our thoughts about movies and entertainment past and present. Listen to the latest episode below as we share our “familial fondness for film.”


Interviews from around the web.

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The Pour Over: a semi-daily newsletter that keeps you informed on current events while focusing on King Jesus. Not conservative, not liberal, just Christian.


Question, comment, or suggestion?

If you have questions, concerns, or comments regarding anything you see referenced, alluded to, or talked about on this blog, please feel free to contact me directly. I welcome the dialogue and discussion. Blessings!