Sitemap - 2023 - Grace Upon Grace

The Good News of the Crushed Serpent (2 Kings 18, Numbers 21, John 3)

Remembered and redeemed.

The sweet of odor of our sermons.

The sure word of God.

First impression of heaven.

The Solid Food of Jesus’s Word (Hebrews 5, 6)

Consider Jesus.

Preaching at Colonial Hills Baptist Church.

Finding Faith in the Fog of Suffering (Jeremiah 36, 45)

The origin of the soul.

The True and Better High Priest (Hebrews 4, 5)

The body of God and the scandal of our dying brother.

God loves you in this way.

The working of one mighty hand.

Rightly handling the word of truth.

On God’s great heart for pastors with Randy Greenwald.

Lecture at Wellsboro Bible Church.

Total depravity.

The Sweet Smell of Success (2 Corinthians 2)

The oxymoronic message of modernity.

On David Zahl’s “Low Anthropology.”

The great descent of the Word made flesh.

The wonder of human creation.

May it be in us, may it be in me

Delivering the goods.

Social media is dead, how Facebook has changed, and the failure of the Jefferson Bible.

Abide in Him (1 John 2)

Implications of the imago dei.

Jesus Is Our Better Rest (Hebrews 3, 4)

Merch Store.

God’s image in us.


A community centered on Christ.

Through Fire and Water (Psalm 66)

Deep need, deeper help.

Regeneration and reformation.

What can wash away my sin?

Calling God a liar.

Does the age of the earth really matter?

The personhood of the unborn.

The fallacy of the therapeutic church, Bono’s testimony, and pastoral remit.

The theological resonance of creation.

You need theology.

Jesus Is Better Than Moses (Hebrews 3)

Better than angels.

The Church of God Steadied by the Purposes and Promises of God (Acts 7)

Know That You Know (1 John 2)

God’s two wills.

Grace Upon Grace Publishing Co.

The Ballad of Baruch (Jeremiah 45)

Jesus is better.

Holiday odds and ends, and the one-way love of Christmas.

Remembered and Redeemed (Luke 23)

All things for good.

Some books I read in 2022.

Good news of great joy.