Jan 20 • 42M

The fallacy of the therapeutic church, Bono’s testimony, and pastoral remit.

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Bradley Gray
A podcast that seeks to marvel at the mercy of God that meets us in our messy ministries.
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In this episode, I reflect on some articles that talk about the emergence of the “therapeutic gospel” which, in effect, leads congregants into functional atheism. I also reflect on Bono’s Christian testimony and what falls within a pastor’s remit.


A therapeutic church is an atheist church,” Brad East

Sin, preaching, and the therapeutic gospel,” Brad East

Bono’s Punk-Rock Rebellion Was a Cry of Hopeful Lament,” Mike Cosper

U2 @ 46,” Brian Mattson

Abuse, Burnout, and the Pastoral Remit,” Harrison Perkins

Grace: So Much More Than You Know and So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray


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