Sitemap - 2020 - Grace Upon Grace

The gospel of ‘Tenet’ and ruin as a prerequisite for hope.

On the wise men and wideness of the mercy of God.

What to Do When Life Goes to Pieces (Psalm 3)

Suffering the Hallmark of Christian Service (1 Peter 3, 4)

Christmas Eve Economics (Luke 2)

Merry Christmas y’all!

Advent and the good news of God’s reversal.

The grandest miracle of all and the necessity of the Incarnation.

Light in the Darkness (Isaiah 9)

Remember Your Baptism (1 Peter 3)

The redemptive reversal of the Day of the Lord.

Hope in the Ruins (Isaiah 61)

Submission, Service, and Standing for God (1 Peter 2, 3)

Jeremiah’s consolation for the crestfallen.

A personal update and God’s gospel in our mess.

Prophetic glimpses at the son of man.

Comfort in Calamity (Isaiah 40)

What is gained through death.

The beauty of obliviousness and a life of thanksgiving.

On K. A. Kitchen’s “On the Reliability of the Old Testament.”

Isaiah’s messianic insistence.

The Guaranteed Life (Ecclesiastes 11, 12)

Wisdom for when things are out of control.

My deepest thanks.

Endurance to the End (Hebrews 12)

Wisdom on the Way (Ecclesiastes 10)

On being a young theologian and the strengthening of faith and practice with Blake Long.

Finding meaning and better morning routines.

The compassion of God in the courses of history.

Pushing on a Pull Door (Luke 18)

How to Find Meaning Under the Sun (Ecclesiastes 9)

Deliverance from defeatism after preaching.

“The Mandalorian” has a problem.

The illusion of control, the truth about callings, and being a Berean.

Daily grace and writing as a means to doctrinal discovery.

The Christian’s Response to Chaotic Times (Ecclesiastes 8)

The Chief Cornerstone (1 Peter 2)

On the necessity and profundity of theological slow-cooking with Dr. Jason Duesing.

Grace and politics and staying on mission.

Historical patterns which bring about repentance.

Imprinted With Eternity (Matthew 22, Genesis 1)

Living Your Best Life (Ecclesiastes 7)

On God’s plans and the hope of eventide.

Appointed to this.

Lessons from surgery and God’s plans.

The connective tissue between Sinai and David.

A Call to Holy Living (1 Peter 1)

The Menacing Mirage of Money (Ecclesiastes 5, 6)

Living with God’s objective justification.

Positive and negative portraits of kingship in 1 and 2 Samuel.

Our Living, Breathing Hope (1 Peter 1)

The Shepherd’s Enduring Presence (Psalm 23)

The definitive energy of grace.

The historical continuance of the pentateuchal covenants.

A faith that lasts.

A juxtaposition which reveals the Redeemer.

Imprinted with eternity.

The sweet smell of sanctification by grace.

On misunderstanding Deuteronomistic History.

Church Under the Sun (Ecclesiastes 5)

The Comfort of Christian Assurance (1 Peter 1)

On grace for the outcasts.

Loneliness, marathon ministry, and preaching Christ crucified.

On understanding the compassionate heart of God through the covenants.

The Rock on which the Church is Built (1 Peter 1)

God’s Solution to Man’s Loneliness (Ecclesiastes 4)

What sin and death cannot do.

Trials, ordination, and the mechanics of faith.

Let’s make a deal…or not.

Lives transfigured from fear to faith.

Living in the present, cool Christianity, and the Bible’s buried bones.

The tie that binds the Pentateuchal covenants.

What Doesn’t Change in a World That Does (Ecclesiastes 3)

Turn Up the Brightness (Ephesians 5)

On the tragic symmetry of Star Wars and the grace of failure.

Held by the arms of everlasting love.

Refuting aspersions cast on biblical integrity.

Life, Liberty, and the Terrible Search for Happiness (Ecclesiastes 2)

Documentary Hypothesis, Delitzsch, and the atrophy of orthodoxy.

Quoting in sermons, living for sand, and Elijah’s ministerial disappointment.

Cutting through the glut of the theories of Jesus’s atonement.

When God Disappoints Us (1 Kings 19)

Sandcastles Don’t Last Forever (Ecclesiastes 1)

The most unexpected gospel.

Preaching and teaching recaps, pastoral resources, and ministerial depression.

On depression, being a pastor’s wife, and ministerial second-hand smoke with Kellie Gray.

The Power of Grace in the Life of Every Disciple (Colossians 1)

An Introduction to a Frustrating Life (Ecclesiastes 1)

The Lord our protector.

Conviction and confession, the religion of busyness, and addicted to success.

The Gift of Conviction (Psalm 32)

A real estate transaction that preaches redemption.

Closing out Mark, faithfulness in Joshua, and the cross of folly.

Torn ligaments, broken dreams, and abundant grace.

On Jason G. Duesing’s “Bicentennial Appreciation” of Adoniram Judson.

On pastoral mental toughness and the gift of quarantine with Cole Russell Deike.

All of divinity in the limits of humanity.

Predicting the future, raging against the machine, and the violence of modernity.

On Jason K. Allen’s “SBC and the 21st Century.”

A Résumé of Faithfulness (Joshua 11, 12, 13)

A Life Transfigured (Mark 16)

All you need is need.

The alien invaders.

Living in the Aftermath of Golgotha’s Cross (Mark 15)

Like a Good Neighbor, Jesus Is There (Luke 10)

The attractional church problem is nothing new, and neither is the solution.

Injury update, headline preachers, and the church as an oasis.

On David Zahl’s “Seculosity.”

The Messiah We Want vs. the Messiah We Need (Mark 15)

On comprehending life’s griefs and suffering with hope with Dr. Mike Gray.

Making sense of suffering.

Vacation reflection, sermon summaries, and contextualizing the present.

What Makes God Great (Psalm 145)

The Silly Summit of Some Great Thing (2 Kings 5)

God’s Word for Your Every Condition (Psalm 119)

The truth about.

The Grace of God for Fakers and Fugitives (Luke 18)

The Tragic Consequences of Pride (Judges 16)

Jesus’s silent suffering and the enduring hope for sufferers.

On the weightiness of “ambassadors for Christ.”

Bo Burnham and a cameo of happiness.

The Smile of God in the Storms of Life (Job 38)

The Scandalous Prelude to the Cross (Mark 14)

The gospel according to Paul’s letter to Philemon.

The new covenant, the Antioch gospel, and the story of grace.

Who Invited You? (Acts 13)

Is Dinner Ready Yet? (Mark 14)

On contemporary and historical quandaries facing the Southern Baptist Convention with Obbie Todd.

The melody of the gospel has one note.

The key to pastoral persistence is private personal worship.

Responding rightly to the gospel and pastoring the imaginary church.


Get rid of songs that entertain.

What a Waste! (Mark 14)

Tolkien’s advice for preachers.

Blogging update, God’s providence, and the end of all things.

On nostalgia and “The Last Dance” with Bob Hiller and Dan van Voorhis.

Sharing your faith with words, on purpose.

Some Good News in the End Times (Mark 13)

On the disparity of faith and works in James with Bob Hiller.

Leafy religion, pastoral seriousness, and intentional evangelism.

Correcting the tendency for “personal” songs in public worship.

The Warning and the Witness (Mark 12)

Safe and sound in the shadow of the Almighty.

On the Christ-centered voice of Hebrews and the Scripture’s revelation of mercy with Chad Bird.

The teacher on trial: a sermon from Mark 11 and 12.

Singing in church, angels as a downgrade, and pulpit talk.

The sentence that makes a sermon.

On the christo-centricity of Scripture.

The Teacher on Trial (Mark 11, 12)

On the life and legacy of a minister in the local church with Pastor Nathan Clark.

Brief thoughts on John’s apocalyptic eschatology.

On John’s epistolary revelation.

Expensive sermons.

Of Figs, Faith, and Forgiveness (Mark 11)

On living little in an online world with Samuel D. James.

The church’s rationale for evangelical apologetics.

On the light and love of Jesus as seen in 1 John.

On the significance of Isaiah’s “Suffering Servant” in 1 Peter.

Dismantling our schemes of self-righteousness.

Inverted Royalty (Mark 11)

On ministerial worthiness and weirdness with Jordan Moody.

On the sufficiency of sola fide in the spectacle of grace as seen in James.

A brief inquiry into the disparity between faith and works.

On the distinction between Christ and angels in the letter to the Hebrews.

Fatal Flaws in View of Glory (Mark 10)

Mayberry’s sermon in imputed righteousness.

This is how I work: on some of habits, tools, and methods for studying and writing.

Words to aspiring church leaders.

On the eschatological assumption of Paul’s pastoral letters.

On Paul’s paternal care for the Thessalonian Christians.

On the resurrection.

Resurrection Power (John 20)

On the cosmological and christological objective of Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

On Paul’s christological anthem in his letter to the Philippians.

On the gospel for the depressed soul according to Ephesians.

On the eucatastrophe of the cross and a city-slicker’s embrace of rural ministry.

A Miracle in the Furnace (Daniel 3)

On the doctrine of the Holy Spirit according to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians.

3 ramifications of the exaltation and enthronement of Jesus Christ.

On the ministry of the Spirit in the justified life.

In the Shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 57)

Up all night with the one who never sleeps.

Pastoring and preaching in unprecedented times.

Grace for the church body caught in scandal.

The ministry of the Spirit in the magnification of the Son.

In the cross alone we glory.

The Lord Our Protector (Psalm 121)

God’s gift of learning from the past.

On the comfort, confidence, and camaraderie of the church.

The cosmic resolve of Paul’s travel plans.

Redemptive Real Estate (Jeremiah 32)

Faith is not an ethnological paradigm.

On Robert W. Kellemen’s “Gospel-Centered Counseling.”

Jesus is Lord over COVID-19.

Charge That to My Account (Philemon 1)

Dismantling Man’s Schemes of Self-Righteousness (Mark 10)

The Gift of Learning from the Past (Psalm 78)

On a theology of hospital visitation.

On grace as a ballast for home and ministry life balance.

Final Dispatches from the Front (2 Timothy 4)

Delusions of Grandeur (Mark 9)

The true and better One.

On pastoral counseling and the pervasiveness of the gospel.

The Truth of God in Perilous Times (2 Timothy 3)

Jesus’s Inversion of Glory • Mark 9

On the significance of funerals and the good news to be found in death.

On the restorative nature of church discipline.

The Life of Foolishness • Mark 8, 9

On the observance of the ordinances of baptism and communion.

On Christian marriage as a window to the gospel.

On the marvel of a God who bleeds.

Remember, Remember • 2 Timothy 2

What Loves Looks Like • 1 John 4

On “1917” and the sacrifice of life.

The Parable of the Two Sons (Luke 15)

The Sound Investment of the Gospel • Revelation 3

You smell like sheep.

Representing the Redeemer in Troubled Times • 2 Timothy 2

The Crystallization of Jesus’s Mission • Mark 8

The church’s sermon and song.

On the rhythm of church liturgies and the life of faith.


Salvation in the soot of sin.

On what constitutes “true worship.”

Paul’s Parting Words • 2 Timothy 1

Squinting at the Savior • Mark 8

On worship and sola scriptura.

On the grace that smells like sheep.

The Savior of the world: a sermon from Mark 7.

The Savior of the World • Mark 7

On the definitive assurance of Jesus’s advocacy.

On the common faith once delivered to all.

The Comprehensive Faith of David (Psalm 18; 1 Chronicles 17)

On the one-way love of God.

The All Saint’s Autobiography • Titus 3

How to Be Clean • Mark 7

The best Star Wars movie we will never get to see.

A psalm for the wandering: how God meets us when faith fizzles.

Grace is reckless.

On the grace that leads to zeal.