Sitemap - 2022 - Grace Upon Grace

The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 11)

An Extraordinarily Ordinary Christmas (Luke 2)

The Lord contracted to a span.

The Gift of God’s Joy (Zephaniah 3)

God Is Good All the Time (Psalm 119)

The God Who Comes Down (Hebrews 2)

A reprieve.

The Word and the Warning (Hebrews 2)

God’s providential wisdom.

Refreshment for the depressed soul.

The constancy of God.

God’s Only Son (Hebrews 1)

So great salvation.

The embodiment of God’s message to us.

The True and Better Word (Hebrews 1)

The science of theology.

Righteousness and peace kiss.

What Can Wash Away My Sin? (Psalm 51)

Christ’s resurrection and its ecclesiastical implications.

The book that brings deliverance.

Theology for the times.

Our Kinsman Redeemer (Ruth 4)

A brief word on general vs. special revelation.

Refreshment for the Downcast (Psalm 42)

Jesus, thank you.

Full of grace.

Wisdom for the Crossroads (Acts 15)

How firm our foundation.

The permanency of theology.

The ghoulish gospel of God.

The word that fells the enemy.

Hurry Up and Wait (Genesis 12)

First Impression of Heaven (Revelation 4, 5)

Fear not, little flock.

Jesus is our tent of meeting.

Jesus, Thank You (Luke 17)

Speaking event next year.

Peanuts skins and porterhouse steaks.

The Pitiful Plunge of Pride (Judges 16)

An epilogue of eternal consequence.

The A-B-C’s of the incarnation.

The Gospel of Jesus’s Advocacy (1 John 2)

God’s not mad at you.

The King’s Word Abides Forever (2 Kings 23, 24, 25)

The crushed serpent the believer’s only hope.

The point of life and the kindness of God.

The God Who Comes Close (1 John 1)

The gargantuan meaning of Golgotha.

Law, Gospel, and the Book That Contains Our Deliverance (2 Kings 22, 23)

Trusting God in trial.

Life Made Manifest (1 John 1)

The cross is Christ’s throne.

Too Little, Too Late? (2 Kings 21)

Bluey and the maternal instincts of God.

Southern Yankees, low anthropology, Doubting Thomases, and the famine of the Word.

Look and live.

The Firmest Foundation (Psalm 11)

Having done all to stand.

The Gospel of the Brass Serpent (2 Kings 18, Numbers 21, John 3)

Keep calm and carry on.

The God of Small Spaces (2 Kings 6)

A postmortem for the people of God.

The believer’s confidence in death.

Fear Not, Little Flock (Luke 12)

On Dreams, Disasters, Peanuts, and Porterhouses (Jeremiah 23)

Christ’s comfort in our crisis.

An Indispensable Postscript (John 21)

Unexpected and unfair.

Escaping the day of the Lord.

Living and dying by faith.

The self-giving God.

The privileges of our worship.

Tales from the carpenter’s desk, the risk of Bible study, and the Black Swan of Puritanism.

The indefinable beauty of grace.

An Ordinary Life of Faith (2 Kings 18, 19, 20)

The faithful God of the fickle and feeble.

The very best for the very worst.

Fighting On Our Knees (2 Kings 18, 19)

Hope for these bodies of death.

The Believer’s Battle Cry (Psalm 20)

For whom does the church exist?

The Only Deliverer from Sin (2 Kings 17)

Malachi’s message of the Maker’s love.

Wasting your life trusting in the efficiency of God, the SBC’s reckoning, and the Word that abides forever.

Christ the revealer.

The Blessed Escape (Malachi 4)

Know what you believe.

Leaving Lordship salvation behind and the languishing of ‘Lightyear’.

Judgment Is Coming (Malachi 3)

Having Done All to Stand (2 Kings 16)

Trusting in what you cannot see.

From cowards to revolutionaries.

The Privileges of Worship (Hebrews 10)

Coming to grips with my “Stranger Things” fandom.

Hope in the face of hopeless history.

The gain of Jesus going away.

The Countermeasure for Conceit and Chaos (2 Kings 15)

The judge and the judgment.

Fruitless wanderers and the famine of the Word.

Sinners and Saints at the Same Time (Romans 7)

Restored to life.

Our trials can’t extinguish God’s love.

The Side-Effects of a Fumbled Calling (Malachi 2)

Convinced of sin.

The Tragedy of a Prideful Heart (2 Kings 14)

The church’s one foundation.

Getting back at it.

Reverential Dread (Malachi 1)

The cross and the rural church.

God Is Faithful Forever (2 Kings 13)

No condemnation now I dread.

The evangel of the felled foe.

Christ’s Comfort in Our Crisis (John 16)

Unless I had believed.

I’m part of the mocking mob.

The Presence of God in Our Suffering (Job 19)

Lost and found.

The Love That Was There All Along (Malachi 1)

The gospel of full cemeteries and empty churches.

Know What You Believe (2 Kings 12)

What though the accuser roar.

A blood-soaked faith.

Faith in the Unseen (2 Kings 11)

Devastation and deliverance.

Our incarnate faith.

Holy is he.

The Judge and the Judgment (2 Kings 8, 9, 10)

Wash and be clean.

Safe and secure.

A pot of oil, a bowl of soup, and the tall tales of God’s sufferers.

The Upside-Down Life of the Church (Romans 12)

Restored to Life (2 Kings 8)

Dying (and living) on the slopes of “sola fide.”

Show and tell.

The resurrection and the life.

The Resurrection and the Life (John 11)

Good Friday’s Good News of Imputation (2 Corinthians 5)

Lessons on preaching from Lazarus’s raising.

Mercy that’s found in a mousetrap.

The God who gives.

The surest evidence of the resurrection.

The Father Made Known Through the Son (John 1)

No Condemnation Now I Dread (John 8)

The Word did it all.

Faith becomes real when the gospel is received unfiltered.

The true progress of the Christian life.

Lost and Found (Matthew 13)

Free and fearless.

Our want of righteousness.

Row, row, row your boat…or don’t.

God’s hideous self-portrait.

The justifying word.

The God on the cross.

Rejoicing in the Redeemer’s Spoils (2 Kings 6, 7)

Dying (and Living) on the Slopes of “Sola Fide” (Galatians 3)

Mercy for the Mephibosheths.

The stranger things of God’s sovereignty.

What is worship?

Better Than Life (Psalm 63)

Look to yourselves.

I will keep sneering and here’s why.

Are you not entertained?

Unless I Had Believed (Psalm 27)

A God of Mites and Mammoths (2 Kings 6)

On W. H. T. Dau’s “Luther Examined and Reexamined.”

When worship is an abomination.

Encouraging words for your prayer life.

Our Great and Terrible God (Psalm 99)

Wash and Be Clean (2 Kings 5)

The gods we make vs. the God we need.

The joy of Jesus’s enough-ness.

The final frontier of our faith.

The Power of God in Our Varied Sufferings (2 Kings 4)

On Chad Bird’s “The Christ Key.”

Jesus is the answer Job hoped for.

The spontaneous gift.

Christ Our Joy, Part 16 (Philippians 4)

The Word Did It All (Nehemiah 8)

The God who relieves every burden.

All is done by him.

Christ Our Joy, Part 15 (Philippians 4)

A Seat at the Table (2 Samuel 9)

Nothing but the blood.

What it means to preach God-centered and Bible-centered sermons.

Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, and Jesus.

Free and Fearless (2 Corinthians 3)

The sweet exchange of hidden sins.

Opportune Obstacles (Philippians 1)

Do you belong to Zion or Babylon?

Look to Yourselves (2 John 1)

Christ our object of saving joy.

The words that fill the halls of our churches.

A tale of two cities.

The subversive story of the Savior’s birth.

Lay Your Idols Down (Isaiah 44)

Grace is love that stoops.

Peace without and within.

Keep the gospel free.

Partaking of holiness at the table.

Way too early complaints about ‘The Book of Boba Fett’.

The truth about change.

The peace of the cross.

Releasing Our Burdens (Psalm 55)

The marks of a true disciple.