Sep 16, 2022 • 28M

Southern Yankees, low anthropology, Doubting Thomases, and the famine of the Word.

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Bradley Gray
A podcast that seeks to marvel at the mercy of God that meets us in our messy ministries.
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In this episode, I reflect on the scene where the doubt of poor ole “Doubting Thomas” was quelled — and why we, too, can find so much solace in the Christ of God condescending to his disciple’s deepest fears. I also highlight a new book from David Zahl and an essay by longtime friend Obbie Tyler Todd.


Fearless Thomas Apart From Christ,” Martin Luther

Tommy Boy and the Case of the Doubts,” Ken Sundet Jones

Good Friday and Unbelief,” Stephen Freeman

Southern Yankees: Southern Baptist Clergy in the Antebellum North (1812–1861),” Obbie Tyler Todd

Why I Wrote Low Anthropology,” David Zahl

Low Anthropology: The Unlikely Key to a Gracious View of Others (and Yourself), David Zahl

Grace: So Much More Than You Know and So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray


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