Sitemap - 2016 - Grace Upon Grace

Reading from “The Story of Grace.”

Stephen and the surprising message of salvation.

Merry Christmas!

God’s Reach of Grace (Acts 7, 8)

On the edifice of reformed theology and the fallacy of fundamentalism with Byron Yawn.

“Arrival,” advent, and almost making it.

The Scriptures I use when I teach on grace.

Stephen and the Unlikely Message of Salvation (Acts 6, 7)

Green jackets and white robes.

Our great commission.

Are we living for our convictions or for Christ?

On grace, vulnerability, and student ministry with David Brady.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A forgotten reformer.

Gospel upside-downness.

On church planting and Lutheranism with Erick Sorensen.

Frodo’s (and our) only hope.

On Paul Tripp’s “Dangerous Calling.”

Acquittal by the attorney’s blood.

Don’t lose your humanity in an age of technology.

On the nature of discipleship and grace with Rodney Julian and Nathan Naoumi.

On Jared C. Wilson’s “The Storytelling God.”

The righteous Revenant’s revenge.

Remembering my Poppy.

The dangerous nature of God’s grace.

On Thomas Adam’s “Private Thoughts on Religion.”

Courage in the gospel.

On Tullian Tchividjian’s “comeback.”

On the importance of sermon preparation and delivery with Collin Coats.

Good intentions.

Seeing Jesus clearly.

On worship, liturgy, and the church with Bill Brimer.

Interpreting reality through redemption.

Extremely loud and incredibly close.

On C. H. Spurgeon’s “Seven Wonders of Grace.”

On biblical hermeneutics with Mike Gray.

Endurance to the end.

A different kind of blog post.

Pejorative piety.

On preaching, humor, and the gospel with Kevin Labby.

The gospel of “Foxcatcher.”

On Preston Sprinkle’s “Charis.”

The riddle of redemption.

On pastoral ministry and biblical teaching with Jordan Moody.

Expunging yesterday’s garbage.

God’s persistent pursuit of prodigals.

On Horatius Bonar’s “The Story of Grace.”

On church planting, writing, and preaching with Paul Dunk.

Kids, camels, needles, and the righteousness of the law.

On God’s will and church ministry with Mitch Miller.

The wonderful words of God.

Christianity and the Midvale School for the Gifted (Matthew 19)

On youth ministry, law, and gospel with RJ Grunewald.

Our Better, Happy Father (1 Timothy 1)

The sinner’s surety.

Good But Not Safe (Matthew 20)

A powerful perspective.

Falling up the stairs to heaven.

Uninterrupted affection.

The sense of sainthood.

The impossibility of salvation.

The light of the word.

The genuine permanency of love.

Grace does it all.

Unworthy worshipers.

The same strong Christ.

Fakers and fugitives.

The amnesty of amorous sinners.

Sin and the self-justification architects.

Dangerous Grace (Matthew 20)

The extent of our need.

On when you don’t want anything to do with God.

The bigness of the gospel.

Dangerous grace.

The drug of proper human behavior.

Feeding upon the Word.

A helpful distinction of righteousness.

Resounding conclusions of a happy God.

Common misconceptions of a grumpy God.

Pushing on a Pull Door (Philippians 2)

The good news of condemnation.

Secret Service (John 3, 7, 19)

The worst, and best, pregame speech ever delivered.

Pushing on a pull door.

Ascension by descension.

The steadfast assurance of the Word.

Don’t stop believing.

The Truth About God and How He Relates to Us (1 Timothy 1)

Anatomy of a song.