Sitemap - 2019 - Grace Upon Grace

God’s Faith for Your Family | Joshua 24

Persevere | Psalm 119

Crusade | Psalm 119

Navigating fairy stories to find faith.

Scattered thoughts on the final Star Wars chapter.

A chronicle of faithfulness.

Home for the holidays.

Grace Hath Appeared | Titus 2

The Message the Manger Preaches | Luke 2

Advocate | Psalm 119

Mr. Bean, the mystery of the magi, and modern nativity scenes.

Grace is self-motived love.

The painful way God gets me to listen.

Nearness | Psalm 119

The Word will be enough for me.

The Mandalorian’s mess.

The terrible search, the arrival fallacy, and true joy: a sermon from Luke 2.

The Terrible Search, the Arrival Fallacy, and True Joy | Luke 2

The Journey of the Magi | Matthew 2

Mystery | Psalm 119

World’s strongest man.

Contending for the gospel: a sermon from Titus 1, 2, and 3.

Contending for the Gospel | Titus 1-3

God’s Unexpected Agenda | Mark 6

Wonder | Psalm 119

An angel in the whirlwind.

We Cannot Be Heroes | Hebrews 11

The Offense of Faith | Mark 6

Surety | Psalm 119

Don’t sway from sound doctrine.

The touch of a king.

Faith’s Sure Thing | Mark 5

Affection | Psalm 119

A Religion of Trinkets & Relics | Joshua 10

Jesus Is King | Mark 5

Light | Psalm 119

An earthly lesson of divine justice: a sermon from Genesis 34.

Fortifications for Faithful Living | 1 Timothy 6

An Earthly Lesson of Divine Justice | Genesis 34

Nourishment | Psalm 119

Know What You Believe | 1 Peter 3

Steadfast | Psalm 119

A theology of grief and death.

A great storm, a greater calm: a sermon from Mark 4.

A Great Storm, a Greater Calm | Mark 4

The Meaning of Life | Ecclesiastes 2, 3

Successful people don’t sleep.

Honoring the family of God: a sermon from 1 Timothy 5.

Honoring the Family of God | 1 Timothy 5

Unknown, Unnoticed, & Unexpected | Mark 4

Hope | Psalm 119

The face of forgiveness.

On universal objective justification with Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorensen.

Doctrine & Devotion | 1 Timothy 4

Seeds, Sinners, & Saints | Mark 4

Longevity | Psalm 119

A bar too high and too heavy.

The Value of Suffering | Psalm 13

Goodness | Psalm 119

The futility of balancing grace.

Laboring for True Religion | 1 Timothy 4

A salutary gospel.

On some big lessons learned in a short amount of time in pastoral ministry.

Our relationship to the kingdom: a sermon from Mark 3.

Our Relationship to the Kingdom | Mark 3

Portion | Psalm 119

On life, eternity, and an obedience that’s already finished.

Grace Fell on the Grenade | Romans 5

Remembrance | Psalm 119

Growing downward: brief thoughts on sanctification and spiritual maturity.

The things concerning himself.

The charge to pray: a sermon from 1 Timothy 2.

The Charge to Pray | 1 Timothy 2

When Gospels Collide | Mark 2

Consistency | Psalm 119

No more superhero moms and dads.

Salvation and the silly summit of some great thing.

Ministry Is War | 1 Timothy 1

Our Unexpected Friend | Mark 2

Assurance | Psalm 119

Sola: revisiting the substructures of the Reformation.

The faithful saying of sound doctrine: a sermon from 1 Timothy 1.

The mysterious and majestic mandate of the Messiah: a sermon from Mark 1.

On being exiles who seek and serve God with Cameron Wood.

The Faithful Saying of Sound Doctrine | 1 Timothy 1

The Mysterious & Majestic Mandate of the Messiah | Mark 1

Repent | Psalm 119

Sour grapes and stale crackers.

On the simplicity of gospel exposition.

The silliness of some great thing: a sermon from 2 Kings 5.

On the resonance of seculosity with David Zahl.

The Silliness of Some Great Thing | 2 Kings 5

On “Stranger Things,” salvation, and the seriousness of life.

On aliens, basketball, and God’s strange choice.

The Sudden Ramifications of Salvation | Mark 1

Consider | Psalm 119

The false gospel of “The Bachelorette.”

Going spelunking.

On the primacy of the pulpit and throwing shade at Puritan preaching.

Don’t Sway from Sound Doctrine | 1 Timothy 1

The True & Better One | Mark 1

Treasure | Psalm 119

On pastoral care and The Shepherds Crook with Jared Sparks.

The beginning of God’s glad tidings: a sermon from Mark 1.

Greetings & Salutations | 1 Timothy 1

The Beginning of God’s Glad Tidings | Mark 1

Commitment | Psalm 119

The gospel doesn’t blow smoke.

The beast of the field in your own heart: a sermon from Daniel 4.

The Beast of the Field in Your Own Heart | Daniel 4

Standing Together | Philippians 4

On a biblical understanding of marriage.

Theological affirmations on the sanctity of human life.

Welcome to the first church of Mount Everest.

The rationale of Jesus’s opponents.

The happy fatherhood of God: a sermon from 1 Timothy 1.

The Happy Fatherhood of God | 1 Timothy 1

Here we go: confidence in the ministerial mandate.

A brief meditation on God’s Spirit-empowered servant.

Jesus’s Jerusalem odyssey.

For the Sake of the Name | 3 John

All Scripture Is Pure Christ (2 Corinthians 1, Acts 8, Luke 24)

Turning Up the Brightness | Ephesians 5

Brief thoughts on Jesus’s teaching on money.

The Lord has truly blessed me well beyond what I deserve.

Breaking Through Our Blindness | Mark 8

5 resolutions for pastoral ministry.

Ending With a Fizzle | Psalm 119

The religio-political tenor of the Acts of the Apostles.

The God of grief, grace, and glory: a sermon from Psalm 18.

The synoptic problem and sola scriptura.

On William Struthers’ “Wired for Intimacy” and the abuse of sex.

Nicodemus and Jesus’s newness of life.

On a serious approach to scriptural exposition.

Why gospel-centered youth ministry necessitates pastoral patience.

Luke’s christological apologetics in Acts.

The cruciform emphasis of the Johannine Gospel.

The saltiness of the costliness of grace.

It’s not up to you.

Gracious Unfairness | Matthew 19,20

Green Jackets vs. White Robes | Zechariah 3

Reflections on first century attestation for the New Testament canon.

On canonical criticism and approaching Scripture in Faith with Dr. Jim Blalock.

For his name’s sake.

On the gospel and the impossibility of life with Nick Lannon.

On honesty, transparency, and grace in the church with Tullian Tchividjian.

#42: On honesty, transparency, and grace in the church with Tullian Tchividjian.

Confidential Christianity | John 3, 7, 19

The Colossal Gospel of God | Ephesians 2

Bye Pennsylvania!

On life’s expectations and God’s goodness.

#41: On life’s expectations and God’s goodness.

Faith, depression, and clinging to the rumor of grace.

The Urgency & Currency of the Gospel | Revelation 3

#40: On Scotland and 20 Schemes with Gerald White.

Big girl swing.

On Scotland and 20 Schemes with Gerald White.

She always finds a way to put a smile on my face.

From the palms to the Poconos: a moonlighter’s journey to the ministry.

#39: On my testimony of salvation.

Late night lattes.

On my testimony of salvation.

It’s the little things.

Our little Valentine!

The Self-Description of the Savior | Matthew 11

Comforting Words for the End Times | Revelation 1

The Message That Moors Us to the Messiah | Matthew 10

The God of Grief, Grace, & Glory | Psalm 18

Feasting on and investing in Jesus: the gospel’s disruption of leisure.

On Satan, spiritual conflict, and its pastoral obligation.

Playtime aftermath.

Pennsylvania mornings.

On living fallen and free with Tullian Tchividjian.

Sola fide and the quest for the historical Jesus.

God loves dark comedies.

Back home, safe and sound.

All you need for a great game.

Let’s go!

Beautiful momma.

Enjoying Boston.

Son of David and Lord of all.

Obedience that’s already finished.

Can’t get enough of this girl!

Feeling fantastic.

#37: On some personal notes and pastoral ministry lessons.

The Savior from the Skeletons in the Closet | Matthew 1

Seeker and Servant | Psalm 119

For His Name’s Sake | 3 John 1

The Wonder of the Wise Men (Matthew 2)

Lessons from the Messiah in a Manger | Luke 2

The Unexpected Ministry of Jesus | Mark 2

Lessons in Deliverance and Denial (1 Chronicles 17)

A Gospel Disruption of Leisurely Christianity (Revelation 3)

The Cataclysmic Comfort of King Christ | Revelation 1

Church Under the Sun | Ecclesiastes 5

A Rock Song for You and Me | Psalm 18

The Dark Side and the Light | Ephesians 5

Counting the Cost of Following Jesus | Luke 14

Meekness Is Not Weakness | Galatians 5

The Day Unlike Any Other Day | Joshua 10

How the Spirit Works Faith in Us | Galatians 5

God’s Cavernous Grace | Ephesians 2

Joy and the Terrible Search | Galatians 5; Ecclesiastes 1, 3

All You Need Is Love | Galatians 5

Keys to Gospel Togetherness | Philippians 4

From Zoan to Zion: A Gospel History Lesson | Psalm 78

The Day the Sun Stood Still | Joshua 10

Sinners in the Hands of a Happy God | 1 Timothy 1

When God Says No | 1 Chronicles 17

The Worst (and Best) Pregame Speech Ever Delivered | Matthew 10

There Are No Great Men | Hebrews 11

The Necessity for Divine Intervention | Matthew 15

The Beast of Sin and the Hammer of the Law | Daniel 4

Two Types of Churchgoers | Luke 18

Seeing Jesus Clearly | Mark 8

God’s Reach of Grace | Acts 7, 8

Stephen and the Unlikely Message of Salvation | Acts 6, 7

Christianity and the Midvale School for the Gifted | Matthew 19

Our Better, Happy Father | 1 Timothy 1

Good But Not Safe | Matthew 20

Dangerous Grace | Matthew 20

Pushing on a Pull Door | Philippians 2

Secret Service | John 3, 7, 19

On some personal notes and pastoral ministry lessons.

Jesus is not Ethan Hunt.

Books I read in 2018, part 2.

Books I read in 2018, part 1.