Sitemap - 2018 - Grace Upon Grace

The hope of a heavenly boy.

The Wonder of the Wise Men (Matthew 2)

Lessons from the Messiah in a Manger (Luke 2)

The economics of the incarnation.

The Unexpected Ministry of Jesus (Mark 2)

Advent angst.

Grace falls on the grenade.

Seeking comfort for the end of the world.

Maneuvering through life’s mixed messages.

Imperfect and unimpressive churchgoers are all that there are.

The phantom menace of covetousness.

Stumbling in the dark and standing in the light.

A better promise than a better you.

Meekness isn’t weakness.

A taste of heaven at a Hillsong concert.

On sports, law, and gospel with Nick Lannon.

Lessons in Deliverance and Denial (1 Chronicles 17)

Everything for nothing.

On ministry and messy grace with Alex Early.

Of mud and marigolds.

A Gospel Disruption of Leisurely Christianity (Revelation 3)

The futility of folly, the frailty of life, and death’s evening score.

The shameless nature of God’s grace.

The Cataclysmic Comfort of King Christ (Revelation 1)

On church revitalization with Mitch Miller.

How the 24-hour news cycle is killing us.

Jesus is always worth it.

Grace the giant slayer.

Blessed be our rock-like God.

On writing, sermon prep, and the local church with Cole Russell Deike.

Church Under the Sun (Ecclesiastes 5)

The danger of the Aesop’s Fables Bible.

Grace has no expiration date.

On life, writing, and gospel-centered youth ministry with Charlotte Getz.

A Rock Song for You and Me (Psalm 18)

Father Time and lessons in coping with the rubble of Once-Eden.

The gospel according to “Coco.”

On life and ministerial busyness with Meiko Seymour.

My true and better daddy.

The paradox of pastoral preaching.

Selah, social media, and the Spirit’s divine rest.

Fireworks and faith.

On common misconceptions about John Calvin with Obbie Tyler Todd.

On pollution, sunsets, grace, and glory.

No more tears left to cry.

The Dark Side and the Light (Ephesians 5)

Counting the Cost of Following Jesus (Luke 14)

Meekness Is Not Weakness (Galatians 5)

The way to wander and the way to God.

The Day Unlike Any Other Day (Joshua 10)

On church planting and gospel ministry in New England with David Morse.

How the Spirit Works Faith in Us (Galatians 5)

The divine portrait of love.

On grace, failure, and freedom with Tullian Tchividjian.

The great news of the gospel.

God’s divine cross-centered purpose.

God’s Cavernous Grace (Ephesians 2)

Pithy preachers proclaiming perplexing epigrams.

Joy and the Terrible Search (Galatians 5, Ecclesiastes 1, 3)

On grace, law, and the mission of Mockingbird with David Zahl.

Dependent, obedient, biblical faith.

All You Need Is Love (Galatians 5)

So will I.

Failing a faithful father.

Your God’s too big.

Keys to gospel togetherness.

On theology and writing with Nicholas Davis.

The day after Sunday.

Keys to Gospel Togetherness (Philippians 4)

The only message I’m called to preach.

On common misconceptions about Martin Luther with Obbie Tyler Todd.

From Zoan to Zion: A Gospel History Lesson (Psalm 78)

Push notification masochism.

The drug of behavioral preaching.

On the church and the regular pastor with Landon Coleman.

The irony of joyless Christianity.

The Day the Sun Stood Still (Joshua 10)

On the aftermath of the G3 Conference.

When God closes the door and shuts the windows.

On adversity, community, and discipleship with Meiko Seymour.

New year, new me, same old grace.

On the state of the podcast.