Sitemap - 2015 - Grace Upon Grace

The Perfect Messiah for Messed Up People (Matthew 1)

Recovering the remarkability of our redemption.

The purpose of the cross.

On mediocre grace.

A watched pot never boils.

Prodigal Grace (Luke 15)

Unilateral Love to the Unlovely (Luke 19)

Fakers and Fugitives (Luke 18)

Trying to fill the eternal void: on the story of everything and the only things that satisfies.

Looking unto Jesus.

What if we were praying for the people of ISIS?

Through the Fire (Daniel 3)

Reading the Bible Rightly (Luke 24)

God’s help our hope: Psalm cxix, part 11.

Unilateral love to the unlovely.

Is it worth it?

Camouflaged grace: Psalm cxix, part 10.

Regarding Tullian’s new job: the truth about change.

When Satan attacks.

Turning Our World Upside Down (Acts 17)

Turning our world upside-down.

Why do we fall?

Green Jackets and White Robes (Zechariah 3)

Preserved by the Word: Psalm cxix, part 8.

That’s not fair.

The Word of remembrance: Psalm cxix, part 7.

Honestly, nothing.


The refuge of redemption: Psalm cxix, part 6.

The curse of the Word: Psalm cxix, part 5.

Picking up the pieces.

The Word of hope: Psalm cxix, part 4.

The perfect Messiah for messed up people.

Life in the Word: Psalm cxix, part 3.

Delighting in the Word: Psalm cxix, part 2.

The blessedness of commitment: Psalm cxix, part 1.

Like a Good Neighbor, Jesus Is There (Luke 10)

Your best life now?

New clothes.

Thoughts, reflections, and takeaways from the 2015 Liberate Conference.

The dying thief.

Majoring on the minor.

Secret service.

The backwards reality of Christian growth.

The mystery of service.

The longest day.

Gospel community.