Michael Horton on what makes the church “the church.”
Through Fire and Water (Psalm 66)Listen now (44 min) | Title: Through Fire and Water Text: Psalm 66:1–20 Originally delivered 29 Jan. 2023 at Stonington Baptist Church, Paxinos, PA For…
Alexander Maclaren on how Christ helps us.

January 2023

A brief word on salvation and the “social dimension of sin.”
The gospel’s promise is not just cleanliness but righteousness.
A few thoughts on original sin and its imperiled denial.
The historicity, not to mention the scientificity, of Genesis 1—3 is of no small consequence.
A critique of Millard J. Erickson’s soft stance on abortion.
The fallacy of the therapeutic church, Bono’s testimony, and pastoral remit.Listen now (42 min) | In this episode, I reflect on some articles that talk about the emergence of the “therapeutic gospel” which, in effect, leads…
God’s ability to call forth light from darkness examples what makes him the Creator.
R. C. Sproul on the ubiquity of theology.
Jesus Is Better Than Moses (Hebrews 3)Listen now (44 min) | Title: Jesus Is Better Than Moses Text: Hebrews 3:1–6 Originally delivered 15 Jan. 2023 at Stonington Baptist Church, Paxinos, PA…