The main reason I know about Manning is because he had a tremendous influence on and relationship with perhaps my favorite Christian artist, Rich Mullins. The Ragamuffin name of some of his work came from Manning’s writing.

Most theologians to me seem like near superheroes of the faith, although they would most likely not see or speak of themselves this way. But Manning was different, seeing himself as perhaps the least of these, he was the ragamuffin he wrote about.

[The gospel] is not for the super-spiritual.[The gospel is for] the bedraggled, beat-up, and burnt-out.

This one hits home for me the most from your list. I’ve been that scoundrel, even while professing faith. And yet, by grace He leads me home.

I’m so glad for finding this!

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I'm glad you found this list, too, Todd! And I'm glad you were blessed by it. Brennan Manning's story is such a raw, honest story of sin and grace and the eclipsing forgiveness of God despite all of that. Praise the Lord, the gospel is for ragamuffins like us.

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