Picking dandelions to the glory of God.

It’s been a while since I shared anything overtly personal — anecdote, update, or otherwise. So I figured I would just interrupt your day by saying thank you! God has been good to us in recent weeks, with familial and ministerial events happening without jarring concern. I say that not to boast in some semblance of put-together-ness, but only to say that God’s grace is sufficient in success and failure. I have the habit of praising God for his tireless sustenance when in the doldrums of life but forgoing the same sentiment when his blessings are flowing. I think that that is a travesty of faith. I thank God for his current grace on my family. My son and daughter have enthusiastically welcomed springtime. My wife is owning this pregnancy. And my God is showing himself sovereign in more ways than I could ever comprehend. I don’t thank him often enough for the evidences of grace that are all around me, everyday.