Books I’ve edited for re-publication.

Available titles.

(Listed: Author – Title – Links)


Beart, John – The Sinners Justifying Righteousness: A Vindication of the Eternal Law and Everlasting Gospel – Order / Read (coming soon)

Bonar, Horatius – God’s Way of Peace: A Book for the AnxiousOrder / Read

Bonar, Horatius – The Grace, the Service, and the Kingdom Order / Read

Bonar, Horatius – How Shall I Go to God: And Other Readings Order / Read

Bonar, Horatius – The Story of Grace – Order / Read (coming soon)

Booth, Abraham – Glad Tidings to Perishing Sinners: The Genuine Gospel a Complete Warrant for the Ungodly to Believe in Jesus – Order / Read (coming soon)


Paleario, Aonio – The Benefit of Christ’s Death – Order / Read (coming soon)


Romaine, William – A Full Christ for Empty SinnersOrder / Read


Stowell, Hugh – The Grace of the Gospel: And How Popery Mars It Order / Read


Ussher, James – Immanuel: The Mystery of the Incarnation Order / Read


Winslow, Octavius – Consider Jesus: Thoughts for Daily Duty, Sacrifice, and Suffering – Order / Read (coming soon)