#63: Blogging update, God’s providence, and the end of all things.

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In this edition of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I invite you to join me back in “Pastor Brad’s Corner” as I reflect on this past Sunday’s doozy of a sermon from Mark 13 on Jesus’s “Olivet Discourse” and the Christian’s calling during the End Times. Whenever the topic of eschatology arises in Christian circles, I tend to get fidgety. The dogmatism that often accompanies eschatological (that is, End Times) discourses is dicey, to say the very least. What’s more, there have been scores of would-be believers who have had their faith swindled by seemingly unchallengeable views on what is going to happen when, where, and by whom. But such assertions miss the mark when juxtaposed against Christ’s words in Mark 13 when he flatly tells his apostles (and us) that no one knows the day or the hour when “these things” — the return of the Son of Man and the end of all things — will take place. (Mk 13:32–37) Such is what I endeavored to explore during my sermon on Sunday. I chew on that and more in this latest visit to “the corner.” I pray you are blessed by this meditation.


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