#58: Singing in church, angels as a downgrade, and pulpit talk.

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In this edition of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I am bringing back an old feature from this blog, “Pastor Brad’s Corner,” and utilizing it as a space to pause, reflect, and chew on Scripture, sermons, and stories from the past week. In this first visit to the “corner,” I reflect on this past Sunday’s service, Mother’s Day, which featured Stonington’s first “normal” church service since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic (and paranoia). I also chew on the sermon I delivered from Mark 11 and 12, noting the strengths of presenting it in the way that I did, but also recognizing the weaknesses of that presentation, too. I specifically wanted to press on a point I made about angels, and how “heaven does not get another angel” when we pass away. To do that, I refer to Chad Bird’s wonderful article, “People Aren’t Downgraded to Angels When They Die.” I close the episode talking about Michael Cooper’s recent article for Preaching Source, “The Sacredness of Preaching,” and why the pastor is not at liberty to play fast and loose with the message that fills the pulpit.


The Sacredness of Preaching,” Michael Cooper 

People Aren’t Downgraded to Angels When They Die,” Chad Bird 

On the Christo-centricity of Scripture,” article by yours truly 

On the distinction between Christ and angels in the letter to the Hebrews,” article by yours truly 

The Preacher: His Life and Work, John Henry Jowett 

Stonington Baptist Church sermons

Grace: So Much More Than You Know & So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray


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