#49: On life, eternity, and an obedience that’s already finished.

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In this episode of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I share a devotional I gave to the youth of the previous church at which I ministered. This happened to be the last opportunity I had to teach this particular youth group. It was, therefore, an emotional talk, one which I took very seriously. In this short talk, I strive to answer the question, If I was only allowed one thing to say to a group of young people, what would that one thing be? My earnest endeavor to answer that questions as faithfully and truthfully as possible led me to this reality: the one truth that resounds and resonates for Christians, young and old alike, is a daring resolve to trust in a finished obedience. Such is what we’re proffered in God’s good news.


Grace: So Much More Than You Know and So Much Better Than You Think, Brad J. Gray 

Obedience that’s already finished,” article by yours truly 

Lectures on the Law and the Gospel, Stephen Tyng 

Christ Alone Exalted: In the Perfection and Encouragements of the Saints, Notwithstanding Sins and Trials, Tobias Crisp 

Sola: How the Five Solas Are Still Reforming the Church, Jason K. Allen


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I’m Brad Gray and I serve as the Senior Pastor of Stonington Baptist Church in Paxinos, Pennsylvania, where I live with my wife Natalie, daughter Lydia, and son Braxton. Besides pastoring, I spend most of my time writing, reading, and ministering in many more ways. I am resolved to faithfully and fervently propagate the gospel of “grace upon grace” for the weary and the worn out. It is my sincerest desire to live and minister all “for the sake of the Name.” (3 Jn 1:7) So long as Christ is exalted, that is enough.


Intro music: “Day 28” by Ryan Little, licensed under CC BY 4.0.