#36: On sports, law, and gospel with Nick Lannon.

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The National Basketball Association has finally begun its 2018–19 regular season, one that’s teeming with all manner of intrigue and narratives the likes of which haven’t been seen in many years. The Golden State Warriors are on a quest to solidify themselves as one of the best teams of all time. The Boston Celtics are brimming with talent and potential, and seem poised to face-off in the championship round. There’s a bevy of young players destined to breakout and assure us all that the next generation of stars will equal those who’ve gone before. And that’s not even mentioning the intrigue surrounding LeBron James’s move to Los Angeles to join the Lakers, in what could be a monolithic career move. There is a lot going on this NBA season. And who better to cut through all those storylines and find the kernel of theology beneath them all than the Rev. Nick Lannon?

In this episode of the Ministry Minded Podcast, I’m thrilled to be joined by Nick to talk all things sports and the gospel. Sports is, perhaps, one of the best stages to speak to biblical matters because it serves as the near perfect crucible in which man’s failure to appropriate God’s law and God’s gospel is made devastatingly clear. Sports are relatable. Recognizable. Familiar. And to that end, Nick and I, through this conversation, seek to show that through sport, man’s quarrel with sin and self is evidenced in high contrast. We also endeavor to explain how each of us are “Michael Jordan’s sons.”


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Nick currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife and three children. There, he serves as the Vicar of Grace Anglican Mission. His ministry background includes pastoring various congregations in New Jersey and Kentucky, along with consistent contributions for the online publication, Mockingbird, as well as his own blog, NickLannon.com. Nick is an accomplished preacher and excellent writer. He’s also an avid movie-watcher and bona fide NBA fanatic. He’s uniquely fascinated by the intersection of the gospel and everyday life. You can follow him on Twitter at the handle @nicklannon.


Intro music: “West Coast” by Ryan Little, licensed under CC BY 4.0.