#31: On life and ministerial busyness with Meiko Seymour.

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Nowadays, busyness is worn on our sleeves as the most paradoxical badge of honor ever constructed. On one hand, we loathe busyness and are sure to slip into every conversation just how busy we are to excuse the fact that we didn’t respond to that last text. We grumble and groan at how busy our lives are — and yet, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because, on the other hand, we flaunt our busyness in the face of our circle of friends to make dang sure they know how important we are. And that’s the sad irony, that the very thing we say we loathe is that which is the common barometer for success and significance.

Despite how often we gripe about how brightly colored our calendars are, let’s face it, we’re addicted to busyness. And, what’s more, we measure our self-worth by it. In an article entitled, “Crazy Busy: In Demand (and Fully Justified) Every Hour of the Day,” David Zahl speaks articulately to our current state of affairs as a “busy” generation:

Perhaps more than anything else in modern American life, busyness serves as an almost universal barometer of identity and, therefore, self-justification, feeding on itself and fostering an environment of collective distraction at best, misery at worst.

Such is what Meiko and I attempt to speak to today. In this edition of Ministry Minded, Meiko Seymour joins the show once again to discuss the role of busyness and scheduling in life and ministry. We aim to find solace in the midst of constant running, not to avoid appointments or assignments, but to find value in the silence and the stillness. We talk about prioritizing rest, blocking days, and reminding ourselves of the simple but crucial fact that we are not the Christ. We can’t, nor were we made, to tackle everything, accomplish everything. Rather, as you will find throughout the course of this show, Jesus calls us to a rest in himself that we cannot attain anywhere else.

This was an extremely beneficial episode, personally. I’ve been influenced greatly by Meiko’s friendship and I’m so glad we can share together in learning how to slow down in a speed up world.


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Meiko and his wife, Simone, reside in St. Petersburg, Florida, where they’re both active in the work of the ministry at Pinellas Community Church. He and Simone are Kingdom advocates, serving the mission of the church in diverse capacities. Meiko is passionate about discipling new converts and showing them their place in God’s story. You can find out more at his website. Also, be sure to subscribe to his podcast, The Altitude Collective. Be sure to also connect with him on Twitter and Instagram by finding him with the handle @meikoseymour.


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