#17: On church planting and the call to ministry with Payte Johnson.

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One of the apostle Paul’s seminal counsels to his protege Timothy was to let no one despise him for his youth. (1 Tm 4:12) By infusing and instructing him in the “sound doctrine” of God’s gospel, over and over again, Paul was bolstering Timothy in the truth that would enable him to be “an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.” By remaining humble yet confident, Timothy would lead the church and fulfill the Lord’s call for his life. Regardless of his age, he would shepherd the body of Christ. I have similar thoughts when I think of my friend, Payte Johnson. He, too, is a young man who’s endeavoring to shepherd a congregation filled many people his elder.

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Payte Johnson to talk about the realities and practicalities of gospel ministry, along with the process of planting and leading a campus church. Payte shares his passion and call for the ministry and why he and his wife feel a special calling to the city of Lindsborg, Kansas. We dive deep in this episode to talk about the true nature of ministry, and why it’s never about a title or name. How do you shepherd a church as a young man of God? How do you study the Bible to better preach the Bible? Payte offers excellent perspectives on these and many more questions, as we resolve to champion the truth of God’s Word as young men devoted to the gospel.

I believe you’ll really benefit from this lengthy show as Payte and I plunge into the gospel and encourage one another in the truth that God’s not after the perfect performers, he’s after the sinners and inviting them into his perfection.


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Payte is the campus pastor of CrossPoint Lindsborg in Lindsborg, Kansas. There, he champions the truth of God’s Word as he engages the city of Lindsborg with the gospel of Christ crucified. Payte and his wife, Macey, feel uniquely called to minister to the people of Lindsborg and are sold out to serving and sharing the gospel there. He’s a deep thinker and tenacious studier of Scripture. Along with ministering to the folks of Lindsborg, he’s also a blogger and photographer and drummer. Be sure to follow him via his website, PayteJ.com.


Intro music: “West Coast” by Ryan Little, licensed under CC BY 4.0.